The Dimple Maker (1936)


The invention I chose is called a ‘Dimple-Maker’. I first came across this odd invention when searching: “weird technology from the 1800’s”. Once I found the device I was interested in, I found a small but detailed description of the Dimple-Maker from another site.

The Dimple-Maker was created by a women from New York in 1936 named Isabella Gilbert. Its purpose is self-explanatory. It aims to create dimples for those who were desperate to have dimples but were unfortunate not to be born with them. This device looks very painful and unpleasant. It has wires that dent your face and not only that, it looks as though the Dimple-Maker needed serious dedication since dimples cannot be created over night. As if this invention wasn’t odd enough… The American Medical Association, according to the article, claimed that the Dimple-Maker could cause cancer (which I highly doubt).

This device would fit the need of the time. It fit with their social values because women valued beauty but, the dimple maker and the value of beauty played an important role a few years after 1936. This time period was around the time when women began to have important roles in the working industry leading up to WWII. So, women were beginning to understand what it was like not to be a “house-wife” and they fought to continue working. The Dimple-Maker was not successful, however, beauty has always played an important role in women’s lives (even today in the 21st century). I, being a female myself, understand the need for the newest “beauty trend”. The Dimple-Maker used in 1936 is no longer used today, however, while searching on the internet I did come across a few websites that claim their method of dimple making is successful.

I find this technology odd because it is obvious that dimples are facial features that are natural/born with. Although this is not a beauty trend of our generation, there are other beauty trends just as odd as the dimple maker. For example, females wrapping their thighs with material to get a thigh gap (which is a natural feature) or waist trainers that literally squeeze all of your stomach, organs, and fat together to get a slim waist. Is this pain worth it? Not in my opinion.


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